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‘Severn Tidings’ is the Severn Estuary Partnership Newsletter. It aims to give a flavour of news from around the estuary and from the Severn Estuary Partners. These are published in conjunction with our more regular ‘E-News’ bulletins.

Please click on the links below to obtain a PDF copy. Alternatively, we still have hard copies of many of our most recent Severn Tidings, which we can send to you by post.

If you have any news or articles you think might be appropriate in Severn Tidings please contact us.

Front Cover Screen Shot Severn Tidings 18 Engaging our Estuary – Inside: An Estuary Round Up; Launch of the Severn Estuary Strategy; Cross-border Marine Planning; Welsh National Marine Plan; South West Marine Plan; Litter Free Coast & Sea Somerset; Estuary User Profiles; CITiZAN in the Severn; The Living Levels Project; Newport Master Plan; Berekely GREEN UTC; Shifting Shores; Severn Vision Project; 2016 Wales Coastal Directory; WWF: Review of Terrestrial Planning Policies; Funding Partners Update; Explore the Severn; Photo of the Year 2016. Autumn 2016
Severn Tidings 17 Standing on Common Ground – Inside: An Estuary Round Up; Tidal Lagoon Power; Tidal Fence Technology; Severn Vision Project; Welsh National Marine Plan; Bristol Channel Severn Estuary Energy Group; Severn Estuary Strategy; Severn Estuary Forum; A Forgotten Landscape; Severnside Wetlands; Nature Improvement Area; English Coast Path; Wales Coast Path; The Living Coast Programme; Wales Coastal Directory; WWF: Review of Terrestrial Planning Policies; Funding Partners Update; Explore the Severn. Autumn 2015
Severn Tidings 16 The Estuary – Past, Present and Future – Inside: Estuary Group Updates; Recreational Sea Angling; The Green Guide for Marinas; The Severn Bore; Sabrina Dreaming; Hopes for Sustainable Eels; Magnox Power Stations; Hinkley Point C Project Overview; Seabank 3 Power Station; Harnessing the Power of the Tides; The SS Belgia and German Capture; Monmouthshire Shipbuilding in WWI; Funding Partners Update; Severn Estuary Forum. Summer 2014
Severn Tidings 15 Sharing experiences of the Severn Estuary – Inside: Severn Estuary Forum 2012; BCYA Blue Book; DeltaNet: Cardiff Meeting; Tidal Power in the Severn Estuary; State of the Severn Estuary Report; Explore the Severn; Coastal Partnerships Network; Bristol Channel Standing Environment Group; Severn Estuary Forum 2013; Severn Estuary Flood Risk Management Strategy. Summer 2013
Severn Tidings 14 Communicating Coastal Change – Inside: Severn Estuary Forum – 2011; The Severn and Elbe are mates; DeltaNet: Recent Progress; IMCORE; The ‘State of the Severn Estuary Report’; Geology of the Severn Estuary and the Severn Way Walk; Tanking on the Severn; Coastal Partnerships Network; The Association of Severn Estuary Relevant Authorities (ASERA); The Severn Estuary Coastal Group (SECG); Severn Estuary Flood Risk Management Strategy. Spring 2012
Severn Tidings 13 Spotlight on the Severn – Inside: Association of Severn Estuary Relevant Authorities; Severn Estuary Coastal Group; Bristol Channel Standing Environment Group; Devon & Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Association; IMCORE; Explore the Severn; Purton Ship Graveyard; Arfordir: Coastal Heritage and Community Engagement; Severn Area Rescue Association; DeltaNet; Hinkley Nuclear Power Station; Flatholm Island; The Severn Estuary Forum. Summer 2011 
Severn Tidings 12 Celebrating our Diversity – Inside: The Severn Estuary’s Marine Conservation Zones & European Marine Sites; Association of Severn Estuary Relevant Authorities Update; Angling in the Estuary; The River that Flows Backwards; Bristol Port; The Shoreline Management Plan; IMCORE; Archaeology – A Severn perspective; The Severn
Estuary Forum. Summer 2010
Severn Tidings 11 Bridging Boundaries – Inside: Severn Estuary Forum 2008; Secrets of the Severn; Tidal Power Consultation; Policy Update; Severn Estuary Shoreline Management Plan 2; The Marine and Coastal Access Bill; Project Updates; News & Events. Spring 2009
Severn Tidings 10 Realising our Potential – Inside: Tidal Energy; Marine Bill; River Basin Planning; Conservation Designation; Shoreline Management; Managing Tidal Change; Promoting the Severn; Membership Scheme; Pointing the Way for Europe; News & Events. Spring 2008
Severn Tidings 9 Working Together – Inside: Severn Estuary Forum; Celebrating the Severn; Aggregates; Estuary Groups Day; Climate Change & Flood 400; New Publications; Tidal Power Project; Marine Bill & ICZM; Project Updates; News & Events. Winter 2006-07
Severn Tidings 8 Severn Wonders: A Festival of the Severn Estuary – Inside: The Bristol Channel Yachting Association’s “Blue Book”; Severn Wonders Festival 2006; Marine Bill Update; Severn Estuary Forum; Newport Transporter Bridge; Explore the Severn: Portishead/Clevedon. Summer 2006
Severn Tidings 7 The Dynamic Severn – Inside: The Wild Bore; Severn’s Shifting Sands; Explore the Severn: Quantocks Coast; COREPOINT Launch on the Severn; Lydney Dock Grand Opening; Severn Bridges: The Second Severn Crossing; Steep Holm is where the heart is; Severn Events. Autumn 2005
Severn Tidings 6 Inside: European Projects Energise Partnership; Explore the Severn: Unlock the History of the Gwent Levels; Flat Holm Island, Rich in Wildlife, Steeped in History; COREPOINTs the Way for the Severn; Estuary Round Up; Draft Marine bill sets sail; GIS Forum helps communication. Spring 2005
Severn Tidings 5 Focus on Access and Recreation – Inside: Access Project Strides Forward; Explore the Severn: Blakeney & Gatcombe; Newport Wetlands Success; Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Expansion; European Marine Site; Severn Estuary Coastal Group; Wales Coastal and Maritime Partnership. Autumn 2004
Severn Tidings 4 Inside: Severn Estuary Success in Europe; What is Stakeholder Involvement?; Archaeology, Martime Trade and the Severn Estuary; Severn Estuary News. Autumn 2003
Severn Tidings 3 From Strategy to Action on the Severn – Inside: Severn Estuary Partnership Update; The Severn Estuary European Marine Site; The Association of Severn Estuary Relevant Authorities (ASERA); Severn Bids for European Funding; EU Recommendation on ICZM; Estuary-wide Organisations Sign up to Co-ordination. Spring 2003
Severn Tidings 2 Inside: Hyder’s challenge is plain sailing; Flood and coastal defence – the landowners view; An important year for the Severn Estuary Strategy; Marine aggregate extraction in the Severn Estuary; SABINA project heralds the way for waste minimisation around the Severn Estuary; Cybestuaries CD ROM of good estuary management is launched. Spring 1999 
Severn Estuary Strategy Newsletter 1 Inside: Dwö r Cymru Welsh Water – our partnership with the SES; ‘Managed retreat’ on the Axe Estuary; Dow Corning; The Environment Agency view of the Severn Estuary Strategy; Campaign to reduce marine litter; The Severn Estuary possible Special Area of Conservation. Summer 1998

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